Main Line Levee starting to show erosion - - Jackson, MS

Main Line Levee starting to show erosion

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Flood waters along with rain are starting to cause erosion of the crucial main line levee between Eagle Lake and the Mississippi River.

Officials with the Mississippi Levee Board say a 200-foot "slide" is occurring. The weight of the water and its pressure has saturated the under-pinnings of the main line levee shifting the earth underneath.

Army Corps of Engineers is using backhoes and tractors to try and fill the levee gaps with gravel to prevent a breech.

"Well if this levee would fail you know, we would have all this water on the riverside that would inundate the land side, the protected side of the levee. It would be well over a-million acres flooded. You'd have multiple towns underwater," said Peter Nimrod, with the Mississippi Levee Board.

Meanwhile, alligators and snakes have been pushed up against the levee. If there's a breach, the floods could carry them even closer to residential areas.



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