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Tug boats fight rough waters in swollen MS River

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In between Mississippi and Louisiana tug boats are still doing their jobs on the water. But it is tough going on the swollen Mississippi River.

High water and fast currents have made navigation difficult. Vidalia dock and storage is still open for business and one of its tugs traveled down river Sunday. It meets up with a towboat to help it maneuver the Mississippi through the bridge between Vidalia and Natchez. Together their engines put out more than 36 hundred horsepower. Even with that much strength the boats fight to go one mile an hour.

"The water will go out and come in like an ocean tide and we've never seen that before. I have never seen the current white capping off the piers like it is right now never in my life," said Carla Jenkins, with Vidalia Dock and Storage.

Meanwhile the coast guard is keeping a nine-mile segment of the river shut down so it can remove three barges that sank Friday near Baton Rouge.

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