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Rivers Are Cresting & Summer Steam Arrives!

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A strong surge of energy and warm air will propel us into a summer like pattern, although its still springtime. Highs will reach into the lower 90s, but the 'heat index' will reach into the mid 90s so the steamiest return a bit ahead of schedule.

Our prolonged lack of rain has helped along the Mississippi River with all sites now starting to crest and even go down.  The early morning measurements are as follows: Natchez 61.3', Vicksburg 56.36', Greenville 62.03'. The Yazoo River is also cresting this morning as well, so the backwater effect is starting to slowly reverse.

The latest measurements along the Yazoo River at Belzoni was 30.98 this morning, the highest peak according to early reports was 31.22ft. The Yazoo River in Yazoo city is also slowly falling. This morning the 4:00am levels was recorded at 38.45ft, but previous measurements reached up to 38.69. So this morning the forecast along the Yazoo River is now listed as 'cresting'.  Once again, we have to keep in mind that the falling of the river levels is just the 'beginning' of the difficulty of dealing with flood waters.

We're also keeping a close eye on a storms system that has become 'deadly' in the mid west. Early morning reports indicated that nearly 90 people have been injured and killed from those storms. The clean up effort is continuing in the mid west; this is particularly focusing on the tornadoes that have hit Kansas. We'll keep you posted on if this same storm will cause of concern for the storms we anticipate by Thursday afternoon.

Stay tuned to WLBT-TV3  for the latest along the Mississippi River. We'll also keep you updated on WLBT.COM, twitter, and Facebook.

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