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Sand boils popping up in Lake Bruin area

Despite having the river crest last week, Tensas Parish, Louisiana officials are still in the middle of a flood fight.

County Homeland Security Director Rick Foster has been overseeing several sand boil control projects around the Lake Bruin area. 

Some boils are popping up more than a mile from the levee.

"If it were to get bigger, sooner or later the levee might be jeopardized, and you may loose a section of the levee," Foster said. "That's what you want to make sure doesn't happen."

The boils must be sandbagged to prevent the levees from being undercut, and possibly caving in.

They can appear miles from the river, and usually carry sand with the water.

Most have remained minor, but they have dealt with dozens. 

The 2011 flood level in Tensas Parish was nearly 6 feet above previous records. 

Residents are still in danger and remain on standby to evacuate.

"We've got alerting mechanisms that can address that and the people are postured and ready to go and understand what would happen," Foster said. "Our evacuation routes, staging area, reception areas, shelters are all on standby and have been resourced to accommodate people if we need to do that."

Just to the north in Madison Parish, a controlled cut was made in an inside levee at Lake Palmyra. 

County officials say that was to relieve pressure off the mainline levee, which flooded hundreds of acres of cropland.

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