Commit To Be Fit - Lance Fuller & Another weigh-in - - Jackson, MS

Commit To Be Fit - Lance Fuller & Another weigh-in

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Sometimes it takes some disturbing news from your doctor to prompt you to Commit To Be Fit.

That's what happened to a Jackson radio personality who is now winning his battle against obesity.

Also I have an update on my own weight loss mission. 

Lance Fuller is music director for gospel radio station Hallelujah FM in Jackson.

He also works in operations at WLBT.

But one of the most important jobs he's had in recent months began in January.

That's when he got the news from his doctor and it was not good. 

"The doctors told me that; diagnosed me pre-diabetes and said that if you keep on the track that you're going, you're going to be shooting insulin," Fuller said. "I was like, nah, that's not going to happen." 

Fuller says he had ballooned to a whopping 300 pounds.

He says it was hard to look at pictures of himself because of his weight gain, and it was the diagnosis that finally got his attention.

So, after that January checkup, Fuller began eating healthier and eating less.

He also got on an exercise plan.

On May 16th, he visited his doctor again. 

"I weighed in at 245," Fuller said. "55 pounds lost since January." 

Asked how it feels, Fuller replied,"Man, it feels good, Howard, but it gets expensive, because I have to try to buy all new clothes, but I love it." 

Fuller is spreading his weight loss message to his listeners hoping to, one day, reverse Mississippi's status as most obese in the nation. 

"The hardest working people in the country are right here in the state of Mississippi, but we need to be active," Fuller said. "We need to get off the couch." 

I am now 10 weeks into my own weight loss program and it's time to weigh in again with nurse Nancie Jones.

She was the one who had to break the bad news to me 10 weeks ago. 

I had lost 27 pounds and there were high fives.

To demonstrate how much 27 pounds really is, I stacked up seven, 4-pound bags of sugar which equal 28 pounds in my arms.

I've been carrying around 27 pounds and it's not light. 

"And that equals to about 10-percent of your body weight that you've lost and losing 10-percent of your body weight, you lose a significant amount of this abdominal or visceral fat and we think this is one of the triggers that leads to diabetes, blood pressure issues, cholesterol and things of that nature," said Dr. Ralph Sulser, Medical Director of St. Dominic's Health Weight Advantage program.

Don't forget to sign up to join the Commit To Be Fit team Saturday, May 28th, for the 8k On The Parkway Run/Walk.

Just go to and click on the Commit To Be Fit page.

We invite you to join the team and I want to hear about your fitness progress.

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