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Felon charged with Capital Murder

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George Affleck, Source: JPD George Affleck, Source: JPD
Dianne Hearn, Source: Hearn family Dianne Hearn, Source: Hearn family
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson Police are searching for Dianne Hearn's body. 

They believe the 61-year-old south Jackson resident was murdered Sunday night.

Wednesday morning, in a Hinds County courtroom, her accused killer, George Affleck was charged with capital murder based on evidence in hand.

Dianne Hearn family was present, as an ex-boyfriend, an ex-convict from Texas, went before a judge.

Hearn's brother, Barry Stingley had harsh words for the long haired, accused killer when asked about the tragedy.

"How would anyone feel about what happened?" "Are you glad that he got denied bond?" "Yes, I am." "What do you want to happen?" Stingley replied. "I want him to have the death penalty or turn him over to me one day."

Unlike the grieving family, Affleck showed no emotion, and remained silent.

Dianne Hearn was last seen with Affleck late Sunday night.

This eyewitness says the south Jackson woman was struggling and screaming as she was forced into her ex-boyfriends truck.

"He picked her up and slammed her in there and told her if she ever tried to open that door she would be sorry" said the witness, who didn't want to be identified.

The eyewitness says, the suspect allegedly made a call to relatives in Texas Sunday night, telling them he had hurt someone.

"He admitted he had hurt somebody very, very bad," the witness added.

Crime scene investigators pieced together enough evidence to upgrade the charges against the 3-time ex convict from Texas.

The next door neighbor verified a violent off-and-on relationship between the two.

"At one time neighbors called and they came out and arrested him," the neighbor added. "Bless her heart. She was so kind hearted. She dropped the charges."

This neighbor now feels guilt that she never made a call that may have saved her friends life.

"I just blame myself because I didn't call police then" the neighbor said.

Now police are searching for Dianne Hearn's body.

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