Wednesday's Child - Jhuntavius - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child - Jhuntavius

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

He says when he grows up he wants to be a bounty hunter.

14 year old Jhuntavius has learned the meaning of teamwork, dedication and family from a group of Jackson Firefighters.

He hopes to find a forever family on this week's Wednesday's Child.

Jhuntavius was not very talkative but he was quick to give a smile of approval after listening to these firefighters and Chief Raymond McNulty in Jackson talk about their work and how they look out for each other and those they protect.

"Tell me what it was like, your trip today to the Jackson Fire Department? What did you like the most? Riding on the fire truck. That was cool wasn't it? Did you like the sirens? Did that remind you of being a bounty hunter?"

Jhuntavius says his favorite subject is math.

Firefighters pointed out they use every subject in their jobs.

"Tell me what you like about school? My ITC class and my PE class. What do you do in those classes? I type on the computer. Very good. And you like PE because you like sports right? Nods yes."

He enjoys playing video games and sports.

He is excited about the NBA playoffs.

"Who do you want to win? The Bulls and the Thunder."

Although he was rather shy, Jhuntavius says he is talkative with his friends and people he knows.

"We talk about sports."

After a lesson on how to use the hoses and finally a ride on the fire truck, Jhuntavius opened up, and talked about the kind of parents he would like to have.

"They need to be kind. Kind, and nice. What else? Spend time with you. Yes mam."

Jhuntavius would benefit from a two parent family who will accept him, nurture him, and provide encouragement.

To learn more about adoption call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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