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Missing woman's body positively identified

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Dianne Hearn disappeared Sunday night after she was forced into George Affleck's truck at her modest home on Tree Haven.

 A Neighbor said: "Yeah, he picked her up and slammed her in there. He told her if she dared to even try to open that door that she would be sorry."

WLBT was told the south Jackson resident died a violent death. Authorities tell us her body was dumped about 15-20 yards from the interstate.

Orange paint marks the location of her body. Crime scene investigators were back on the scene Friday collecting evidence. Hearn's body was discovered by a motorist who stopped here and smelled a strong odor.

"DNA evidence was sent to the state crime lab," said Jackson Police Spokeswoman Officer Colendula Green said.

Investigators say dental records were a positive match. Her accused killer and ex-boyfriend,  Affleck was charged with capital murder before her body was found.

"George Affleck will be facing two charges. Capital murder along with convicted felon in possession of a firearm," Officer Green added.

Police are not saying what the motive was or if the murder weapon has been found, only that discovery of Dianne Hearn's body is giving the grieving family a small sense of relief.

"It was closure for the family," Officer Green said.

Dianne's daughter Kathy recalls a memory from her child hood, telling her mother she thought the moon was always following her. Kathy says, mom would say "it is, it is following you to protect you." She also always told me to be strong and that tomorrow would be a better day," said Kathy.

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