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Consumers see relief at the pump

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BYRAM, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Just a few weeks ago, gas prices were nearing $4.00 a gallon in the Jackson metro area. While paying at the pump remains above $3.00 a gallon, you can find some steals in and around Jackson.

AAA estimates that more than 33 million travelers plan to head out of town this Memorial Day weekend. 88% of those traveler's are expected to drive, and if you're driving in or around Jackson you might notice prices going down at the gas pump.

Driver, Debbie Butler says, "I'm glad they're going down because we've got five vehicles."

According to AA, the current average price for gas in and around Jackson is $3.56 a gallon for unleaded gas. However, several local gas stations are actually selling gas close to 30 cents per gallon lower than that average and that makes motorists very happy.

 Driver Paulette Whitley says, "it makes me feel a lot better you know if it keeps going down that'll be alright."

The price at the pump at the Exxon station in Byram on Siwell Road is $3.29 a gallon for unleaded gas. Several other stations up and down Siwell Road are also selling gas for the same price. Another hot spot for gas is the Kroger gas station in Richland. Unleaded gas there is $3.37 a gallon.

Driver Joseph Marshall says, "I'm hoping it'll be this price farther down the road, but I imagine it's going to be higher it usually is so we're taking advantage of topping off right here."

Last year this time, the average price for gas in Jackson was $2.60 a gallon. Even though gas is well above that price now, consumers like Debbie Butler are just glad to see the prices headed back in that direction.

Butler says, "I'm really glad because we need it because groceries are going up and you know we need something to go down."

AAA Auto Travel Counselor Page Goodrich says the national average of gas has dropped 10 cents since May 19th. That national trend reflects prices in the Jackson metro area. Goodrich says several factors impact gas prices going down and the fact that they're dropping during a holiday is a relief.

"As you know prices tend to go up during holiday periods and for whatever reason they seem to have dropped," says Goodrich.

Regardless of the reason, drivers are taking advantage while they can. Butler says, my husband is self-employed, so anything that helps us you know we're grateful for it."

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