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Flood aerials of MS and LA during Great Flood of 2011

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This is the main river channel at Mayersville, Mississippi.

Today we are at 54.9 on the Vicksburg gauge. The crest was 57.1. The flood stage at Vicksburg, 43 feet. We still have a major flood on the Mississippi River as it goes down.

You can still see the flow through a Cravasse in the levee system in Louisiana, just north of Lake Providence. When this levee system gave way it caused the gauge at Greenville to immediately drop. And they credit the breaking of this levee with causing the crest at Vicksburg, to be about a half a foot lower than originally anticipated. It was an old abandoned levee system.

You can see here on the Louisiana side of the main line levee system, where they have been working on a boil. This is in the Lake Providence area, just north of Lake Providence. It's nothing to worry about so long as they were able to surround it with sand bags, as they have this one, and let the pressure equalize on both sides of the levee, the boil is no problem. This is the famous backwater levee that held despite predictions that it would be topped. The water never got high enough to do that. It came right up to the edge of the roadway, within inches of going over, and coming down this plastic material that would probably have saved the levee. But as it turned out the forecast about the water going high enough to over top this levee, was just wrong.

It didn't happen.

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