Alligators emerging from Great Flood of 2011 - - Jackson, MS

Alligators emerging from Great Flood of 2011

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WARREN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Wildlife is on the move after the Great Flood of 2011 and it's not just woodland animals moving around.

Rising water along the Mississippi is pushing alligators out of the bayous.

Don Hynum is an alligator hunter, licensed by the State of Mississippi to capture problem gators. He says business is brisk, thanks to the flood.

A heavy duty hook and fishing pole, a harpoon and a snare are all the tools of his trade.

A rubber band made out of an inner tube secures an alligator's deadly jaws.

"Their muscles are really weak opening their mouth. You can hold it closed with your hand. But they have like 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch worth of biting force on a 10-foot gator," said  Hynum.

Hynum doesn't find every nuisance gator, but he is looking.

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