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Aerial tour of South Delta flooding

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The Mississippi River continues to go down slowly, but there is still a lot of land in the South Delta under water. 

There is one bright spot, the backwater levee at Steele Bayou has not topped as had been projected.

The crest at Vicksburg was five tenths of a foot lower than what was forecast. 

So, this is the famous levee that has kept 1.1 million acres of land to the north of it out of the floodwaters and the crops are growing beautifully. 

You can see how close it came. It got up almost on this roadway, within inches of going over the top, and now it's going down. 

This is Governor Haley Barbour's vacation home on Wolf Lake just over the Yazoo-Humphreys county line in Humphreys County. It has seven feet of water in it. Haley Barbour's house was ruined by water and will require a lot of renovation. 

This is the little Village of Satartia just south of Yazoo City. The levee held and saved Satartia. About 75 families live in this little village. Seven of them lost their homes. 

You can see the bridge over the Yazoo River, it's one that can be lifted up. They had to close up the gap in the levee to get that bridge and put Visqueen over it, and it has held saving Satartia from the great flood of 2011. 

A magnificent job by the levee board in overseeing this project keeping water from coming into Satartia.


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