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Pack it in, Pack it out

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Sand bars on the upper Pearl River of the reservoir are trashed following the holiday. Reservoir managers are refusing to pick it up in an effort to send out a strong message, "Pack it in... Pack it out."

A group of about 40 powerful lawmakers, reservoir board members and interest groups were taken on a tour of the sand bars today from Highway 43 to the low head dam.

They all loaded up on pontoon boats for the trip to show just how big the garage problem is on the sandbars, particularly after a holiday weekend.

Thousands of central Mississippians enjoy Flag Island, and other sandbars during the warm months. Reservoir manager, John Sigman says it's not just about the cost of picking up the garbage, although that is a concern.

"Last year we paid around $50,000 to pick up trash on the sandbars above highway 43. This year we have got a different bid. It's gonna be in the order of $40,000" said Reservoir Manager John Sigman. "we want to minimize that."

"We need more signage up here. Signage does work" said Keep the Rez Beautiful Executive Director Jeaninine May. "I do know they can fine people if they see them littering."

"It takes pride and people will clean up after themselves" said State Senator Cyndy Hyde Smith.

"They should be very responsible and carry it back with them" said House Speaker Billy McCoy.

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