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Residents complain about deadly intersection after recent fatal crash

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A fatal accident Wednesday afternoon on Lakeland Drive and Holly Bush Road has Rankin county residents calling for safety improvements on the roadway.

Wiltz Cutrer said he's witnessed too many crashes and hopes changes come soon.

According to the Mississippi Highway Patrol, 60 year old Jerry Renard Divine of Brandon died in that traffic accident Wednesday.

Investigators said Divine's Chevy Cavalier was traveling north on Highway 25, while an 18 wheeler was headed south. 

The two vehicles collided when officials said Divine was trying to turn left onto Holly Bush Road.

"Cars just don't seem to slow down or stop. Witnessed quite a few accidents, witnessed the aftermath of quite a few accidents," said Wiltz Cutrer.

He lives two miles from the intersection and fears for the safety of his wife and two children.

"By the time you see the light turn yellow to stop even to slow down and stop from 65, there's not enough time between when you see the light change until it's actually read and then the side traffic tends to come in," added Cutrer.

The Rankin county resident said he has contacted the sheriff's department, the board of supervisors and MDOT about the dangerous intersection.

"So far we've kind of heard the 'Thank you for your concern', but not really seen anything going on with that particular area," said the 40 year old frustrated motorist.

Mississippi Department of Transportation officials said a study was conducted in the area that determined the need for a traffic signal at Highway 25 and Holly Bush Road.

"We install the signal. The enforcement aspect does not belong to the Department of Transportation. That is either your city, your county or M.H.P.," said MDOT Interim Executive Director Melinda McGrath.

"We've always thought something as simple as those lights that warn 'Hey the light's about to change'," added Cutrer.

Another suggestion is the installation of traffic cameras that ticket speeders and motorists who run lights.

"Wherever those cameras are installed the number of violators decreased dramatically," said McGrath.

But that would require legislative action for MDOT to install traffic cameras.

M.H.P. officials said Divine was not wearing a seat belt.

The tractor trailer belonged to Temtco Steel of Louisville. 

No information has been released about its driver.

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