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98 Degrees or 99 Degrees, What's the Difference Anyway?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There's not much difference between 98 and 99 degrees, but that's where we'll ping pong back and forth for the next few days. Heat index numbers will quickly rise to triple digits around lunch time and stay there during the afternoon.

The next chance of showers will likely hold off until the weekend. Our best chances of showers is during the heating of the afternoon, barely reaching to a 30% chance at best.

We have plenty of energy in place, but the moisture needed to trigger any long standing showers is just not in place. Or the other side is this: the instability in the atmosphere is just not there when the moisture is high enough to create some extended showers.

However, the positive side to this dry weather pattern is that is shortens our recovery time from the elevated river stages. The Mississippi AND the Yazoo Rivers are now slowly falling. The latest readings (as of 4am this morning) are 56.09' in Greenville, 52.41' in Vicksburg and 58.71' in Natchez.

The Yazoo River is falling as well. The morning levels at Yazoo City was 35.18' and Belzoni has fallen to 28.01'. All of the river forecast indicate a continuing of the current pattern of slow but steady fall in the river levels.

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