Educators excited about getting healthy - - Jackson, MS

Educators excited about getting healthy

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hundreds of local educators are spending a majority of their summer getting into shape with local fitness guru Paul Lacoste.

Lacoste has already trained local lawmakers through his twelve week "Fit 4 Change" challenge. Now his new program "Fit 4 Teaching," is aimed at getting teachers into tip top shape.

It's the fourth day of the ten week "Fit 4 Teaching" program. Monday through Thursday 200 educators from local school districts are up before dawn. They're breaking a sweat at the JSU Walter Payton Fitness Center with trainer Paul Lacoste and his team.

Deedra Watts calls the workouts brutal, but rewarding. Watts says, "he pushes you, there's no denying there's no playing around here, there's no way out of it, I mean bathroom breaks aren't even allowed."

One group starts training at 5:00AM. The other group starts at 6AM.  If you're late you'll hear about it.

Trainer Clark Bruce says, "it is very strict I think early on he wants to teach them discipline and luckily we're working with a group of teachers who are very disciplined."

One obvious goal of "Fit 4 Teaching," is to help teachers get on the path to good health. But another aim is for the educators to have more energy when they're teaching their students.

Watts says, "I just hope to have more energy for them I mean it requires a lot of energy to teach children."

In his previous bootcamps, Paul Lacoste has helped groups loose more than 4,000 pounds and with results like that, these educators are motivated to keep up the hard work."

Watts says, "we're all planning our wardrobes to be smaller by the end of the summer, I mean we're winning results."

Within this first week, big results are already showing up on the scale.

Sara Howard says, "I've lost 8 pounds in a week, I'm so excited!"

For many, this program is a once in a lifetime chance.

"It's just an opportunity I wouldn't have otherwise, I couldn't afford a personal trainer if I wanted one," says Watts.

Participants wrote out a $600 check at the beginning of the program, but that money will be returned when they finish the bootcamp.


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