Gov. Barbour laments economic impact of oil spill - - Jackson, MS

Gov. Barbour laments economic impact of oil spill

Governor Haley Barbour Thursday told a Congressional panel about recovery efforts and lessons learned from the 2010 BP Gulf oil leak.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing takes place amid vigorous debate over the future of gulf oil exploration and safeguards needed to prevent another catastrophic spill.

The committee's republican chairman alleges the Obama administration led an ineffective response to the spill, compounding initial damage from the explosion of the off-shore rig.

But democrats praised regulations established since the spill, including a requirement that oil companies prove that any underground well can be capped.

Gov. Barbour talked about the economic impact to the Magnolia State. "Our environmental damage, unless there is something to come, is not our issue. Our issue is a gigantic economic loss. Talk about tourism. Our tourism industry was clobbered."

Gov. Barbour and republicans also cited the moratorium on deep-water gulf drilling as a factor in the region's economic woes after the spill.

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