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Vicksburg man returns home after flood waters recede

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In mid May, as the Great Flood of 2011 drew closer to Vicksburg homes, Mark Lockwood showed us where he expected the water to reach on his home, which he had put on stilts for the flood.

On Friday, June 3, Lockwood boats us in for a look at how his house fared. "The water two weeks ago was over my head, seven feet deep right here," he says, pointing to the water from his perch on the rowboat.

If his home had not been raised, the water may have covered the roof. But the waterline shows that he only got nine inches inside. "It would have been 42 inches higher than what it is. Over five feet of water in the house. It would have destroyed everything in the house," Lockwood says.

The house he's lived in for seven years with his wife Jackie can be salvaged. His sister-in-law lives at the house too. Most of the furniture was moved out, but the carpet, flooring, drywall, doors, even the lower cabinets will have to be replaced.

The smell left behind by the standing water is potent. "Man, this place is horrible. My wife came in for the first time today. She cried," Lockwood says "It's like a living nightmare because you see all the damage. Not just to my home, but to my neighbor's homes."

Lockwood, who is retired, had to take $8,000 out of his mother's retirement account to pay for the stilts for his home and his mother's home across the street. Lockwood and his wife have gotten some assistance to stay in a motel during the flood. His financial hardship will be ongoing, but his compassion will be too. "There's a lot of people like me that aren't gonna have enough money to do everything they need, so I'm looking for ways to directly help people," he says.

Lockwood expects FEMA to assess his damage once the flood waters move off his property. 

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