Staying Hot With Some Real Rain Expected??? - - Jackson, MS

Staying Hot With Some Real Rain Expected???

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The extreme heat may finally come to some sort of end starting today. Ironically, expecting highs near 98 degrees is actually a relief compared to where we've been in previous days.

We'll continue to see highs cool down for the next couple of days as the high pressure over us weakens. The weakening high pressure will allow for better afternoon storm chances. The better storm coverage will also limit how hot we get each day. Highs will generally be in the mid 90s for the rest of this week.

Showers may develop earlier in the afternoon, some areas may not get out of the 80s if the rain hits. The later in the day storms develop, the warmer it will become.

Rain chances are highest mid-week, then lower again by Friday.  By this weekend, the high pressure area will get a little stronger. This will limit storm chances and highs will creep back to that 'uncomfortable' level of near 100.

River stage information is still looking promising, with the slow fall continuing. the Mississippi River at Greenville is not at 52.0 feet. In Natchez the level has fallen to 55.9 feet as of this morning's measurements. And in Vicksburg the good news continues as the level falls to 49.1 feet.

In Yazoo City, the Yazoo River is not at 32.0 feet and slowly falling. The Belzoni site is now coming in at 24.9 feet at of 4am this morning. Minor flooding is still being observed and expected along the Yazoo River at the Yazoo City site.


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