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Sound Off: Hinds Co Supervisors

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

When I was growing up in Jackson there was a powerful group of white men nick named the Capitol Street Gang. This group of men controlled who was rewarded those lucrative government contracts. If you weren't part of their political machine you were out of luck. If you were black you simply didn't have a chance.

Fast forward to today and guess what. The new Capitol Street Gang is the Hinds County Supervisors. In the past few months they paid double the going rate for a redistricting map, awarded a multi-million dollar communications service contract for equipment already under warranty, purchased unneeded police radios for the City of Byram and hired the husband of the county attorney to secretly settle a lawsuit.

The real victims are the taxpayers who end up paying footing the bill to enrich the cronies of supervisors. It was wrong in the past when whites abused their power and it is just as wrong today when blacks abuse their power.

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