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Highway damage poses problem for Eagle Lake residents

WARREN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Highway 465, the road to Eagle Lake, is still closed because water is over the road. That means residents have to ride down the main line levee from Issaquena County to get to Eagle Lake.  

As the Great Flood of 2011 continues to recede, there is still water against the main line levee system.  That has produced some problems on the levee, like a major slide and boils on the land side. 

The Corps of Engineers has had to go into those areas with large 10-wheel trucks to get enough dirt to solve the problems, which they have done.  The trucks have damaged a portion of the levee which has Highway 465 running on top of it.  

James Luke, an Eagle Lake resident, complained to 3 On Your Side. 

"We are trying to get our furniture back in to Eagle Lake. And we can't seem to get anybody to do anything about patching this highway so we can get our furniture in," said Luke. "Now I have talked with the governor's office, I have talked with the Department of Transportation, I have talked to the Corps of Engineers, I have talked to the levee board, one refers me to the other." 

While repairing a state highway is the responsibility of the Mississippi Department of Transportation, the corps is working closely with MDOT in fixing the damage as we learned from Kent Parrish, project manager for Mississippi Levees for the Army Corps of Engineers. 

"We already were aware of this issue, and like I say MDOT and I have talked yesterday, they have inspected it this morning, and we just got off the phone talking with them, so we have got a plan here." said Parrish.

Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace told us he has talked with both the Corps of Engineers and MDOT and they have both assured him the road on the levee will be fixed.

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