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Helping Troubled Youth

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 Jackson students shackled and handcuffed.

Those are the charges leveled in a lawsuit filed this week.

JPS says they take these charges seriously and will respond.

If this is true, why have we come to this?

When I was in school here, there was no such thing as an alternative school.

A school for troubled youth who cannot adapt to the regimen of learning as so many of us once did.

But that was then, this is now.

Now is where so many families do not have a strong father figure in the picture, where genuine love and appreciation and guidance and proper discipline is not at the forefront of nurturing.

Dads of Destiny are trying to make a difference.

But, so often, it's simply left up to the schools where teachers are often ridiculed and attacked and we hear little about it.

This is the real battleground for America and where true leaders need to step forward and help reverse this downward spiral of the core values of America.

That is my Point of View.

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