Newton car theft ring investigation - - Jackson, MS

Newton car theft ring investigation

Authorities believe they are onto a high-end vehicle theft ring, operating in Scott and Newton counties. Vehicles were stolen here in the metro, then flipped at unheard of prices.

Officials say the auto theft ring was a smooth operation when it came to stealing and selling. This woman is under arrest for buying a hot car. Newton's police chief says four vehicles were stolen from individuals in the Jackson area and recovered in Newton.

The trucks and cars were purchased at a fraction of their cost. "If a $40,000 dollar vehicle and you pay $5,000 and it's only a year old, then it's some kind of tale-tale sign there. That something maybe is wrong with this vehicle. That's just too, that's literally a steal." A steal and a deal.

Oddly enough, people who bought the hot vehicles managed to somehow legally get car tags in their names with bogus documents. According to Chief Harvey Curry, "The VIN numbers that they used to go and get the license plate through the tax assessor's office was changed a little, a couple of numbers were moved around and naturally when they run it into their system, it's not stolen."

Betty Johnson is charged with buying this one year old Honda Oddessy for $5,000 dollars. The stolen vehicle was valued at 40 grand. The buyer now faces possession of stolen property charges.

Authorities say a joint effort between Newton police and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations led to the recovery of the stolen vehicles from homes here in Jackson.

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