Asian Carp invading more Mississippi waters - - Jackson, MS

Asian Carp invading more Mississippi waters

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The effects from flooding on Mississippi's lakes and stream is becoming more evident by the day.The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks says Asian Carp are appearing in places they've never been before.

The invasive fish compete with game fish, and have had devastating effects in some northern states. The fish are now present in Eagle Lake and Wolf Lake.

The carp are well known for jumping out of the water and hitting boaters when agitated by motors.  They are commonly eaten in Asia, but are banned in most US states.

"The main danger with these fish is they compete with our game fish as a food source," says Jim Walker from the Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks.

Its still too early to determine how the deer and bear populations in the state fared in the flood.  There is no indication now that large deer herds were killed off.  State biologists will be collecting data on that over the next few months.  Right now all fall deer hunting seasons are set to start on time with no limitations.

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