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Millsaps Quarterback Academy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The best high school quarterbacks are always fine tuning their skills year round.

Saturday at Millsaps College, Majors offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello hit Harper Field for his first ever quarterback academy, an in-depth, one day camp focussed on making every quarterback better.

"I wanted to bring in guys from the local area and surrounding states to develop their skills in kind of an informal way. In both the classroom and on the field and just really help their development," said Scangarello.

The quarterback academy hit on a number of different fundamentals of the position, especially footwork.

The key to every good quarterback.

"The main thing he tried to drill in us was footwork and keeping our feet set. That was the main thing. For a quarterback, throwing comes second and footwork is first everytime," said Clinton High School senior Rashad Jones.

"For me, it's everything. The entire camp was based on being an accurate quarterback, but starting with your feet and developing your footwork," said Scangarello.

Coach Scangarello limited the camp to just 12 high school quarterbacks, making sure every gunslinger got plenty of attention and 1-on-1 time.

Scangarello is the perfect person to learn the position from. Prior to arriving at Millsaps in 2010, he served as an assistant quarterbacks coach with the Oakland Raiders.

So, the students were eager to learn.

"Coach Scangarello has coached many guys and he has been around the game and the field of quarterback a lot. He is really knowledgeable. He's helped me a lot," said Jones.

"We had a lot of 1-on-1 time. It was good. He had a lot of fundamental help," said Kingwood Christian (AL) sophomore Gavin Sumrall.

"It's nice to show some NFL film and guys that I have coached and some of their success. Things they are capable of and trying to pass that along to this group of young men," Scangarello stated.

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