Record Heat Cranks Back Up! - - Jackson, MS

Record Heat Cranks Back Up!

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A high pressure system to our south is going to help keep in sunny and warmer than usual for this time of the year.  Winds are coming out of the north west, 5-10 mph.

A spot shower is likely to hit during the heating hours of the afternoon, with highs reaching well into the 90s. In fact, don't be surprised if some areas climb close to 100 before the day is done.  Our chances of rain only reach to a 20% chance to do so.

Along the rivers the news continues to be good, as levels continue to fall. The story is the same along the Yazoo basin. The level along the Yazoo River in Yazoo City is 28.6 feet as of 4am this morning. In Belzoni, the 4am measurement came in at 21.7 feet.

Morning measurements along the Mississippi river continues to fall as well. In Greenville, the morning measurement was 49.5 feet and in Vicksburg 45.9 feet. And the level in Natchez was 53.5 feet.


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