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Escaped murderer captured

Escaped convict Mark Kee Brown Escaped convict Mark Kee Brown


LAUREL, MS (WLBT) - Escapee Mark Kee Brown has been captured in Laurel, officials with the U.S. Marshal's Service report. This is the third time Brown has escaped from jail.

He was captured by the Jones County Swat Team, Laurel Police Department, and several other local and statewide agencies.


RANKIN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - The Mississippi Department of Corrections says Mark Kee Brown escaped from the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility, in Rankin County, around 10-Sunday night. It is not clear how Brown got away.

The 36-year-old was last seen wearing MDOC black and white striped pants and white shirt with "MDOC Convict" printed on the back.

He was serving a life sentence from Harrison County for capital murder. Just last week, the state court of appeals upheld his conviction.

Brown was convicted in for the shooting death of a 'D'Iberville resident in a home invasion.

A resident of a nearby subdivision, Brad Dearman, does not understand how brown escaped.

"He wasn't locked down in his cell" said Dearman. "I mean, how do you get out of your cell, out of the building into the yard, take a mattress around and over a double razor wire fence. I don't know. Somethin' is not right there."

Officers believe Brown may have been picked up by his girlfriend and taken to Jones County, then later to New Orleans, but a search is still underway in Rankin County, just in case that is not true.

Commissioner of Corrections Chris Epps told us how Brown managed to escape. "And what ended up happening, Bert, was they counted a dummy that was in the bed, made out of some clothes he had been able to gather," said Epps. "The bottom line is the electronics, our perimeter fence, our detection system did its job, it alerted us, it cut the inmate's right hand so bad he is almost about to lose it. The electronics did its job, but the staff didn't."

Epps did not say what, if any punishment corrections employees will receive.  He said his investigation is still ongoing.

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