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Dog attack victim wants owners held responsible

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Sharon Rainey says her morning exercise turned into a fight for her life last Friday.

Rainey was walking near Provine High School on Robinson Road when two dogs attacked her, sending her to the hospital.

Rainey said, "One grabbed this leg, the other grabbed this leg the one that had this leg tripped me that caused me to fall into the street."

Kicking and screaming, Sharon Rainey managed to get the dogs off her. Her sister, who was on the phone with her at the time, called Jackson police who responded. She was briefly hospitalized, and now has to undergo a series of rabies shots.

Animal control officers visited the Rainey home Monday, hoping to get a lead on the K-9 attackers. Rainey greatly concerned a child could be next.

"Thing about children, not knowing, they might not survive like one officer said they might not survive what I survive," says Rainey

Rainey collected her own evidence at the scene, taking a digital picture of the dogs with her camera. Animal control officers removed one of the dogs Monday afternoon from a home near where the attack happened. 

Now Rainey wants the owners to be held responsible, and is making it known she's got mounting hospital bills, and is coping with pain and suffering.

Rainey sums it up saying, "The owners need to tie their dogs up, it's not what's being done. We are constantly taking things for granted and people are constantly being hurt. The only time something seriously takes place is when someone is harmed seriously, that's when people want to start taking action, I don't think that's fair."

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