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Hinds Co. Sheriff's Department investigate starving horses

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

An emaciated horse was discovered on private property on Forest Hill Road in South Jackson Friday.  Theresa Parman took photos that went viral and caught the attention of Ella Hardwick.

"It is just that I thought someone needed to do something about it," said Hardwick, a Richland resident.

She shared the photos on her Facebook page as well as the WLBT and the Mississippi Animal Rescue League or MARL Facebook pages.  Comments of concern poured in.

"Just loving the horse, site unseen.  As far away as Canada, Washington State, Florida, Georgia," said Hardwick.

MARL sparked an investigation with the Hinds County Sheriff's Department where two malnourished horses were discovered on the property.

"He looked to be about 150 pounds under weight. The female looked to be a little more under weight than him," said Hinds County Sheriff Major Teresa Gardner.

Following proper procedure, MARL and the Sheriff's Department posted warning notices for the owner.

"We decided that today we would come and take the horses because they were neglected.  We get here this morning and they are gone," said Major Gardner.

Sunday around 8 p.m., MARL officials checked on the horses.  By 10 a.m. Monday, the barbed wire fence had been cut and the horses were no where to be found.

One of MARL's warnings was lying on the ground, ripped in pieces. Did the owner get the notices and relocate the horses? Or did an animal lover see the Facebook post and illegally take justice into their own hands?

"It's a matter of trying to figure out what exactly is happening here, but we will. It will be an ongoing investigation. We will take it to the end," said Gardner.

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