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Harbor Walk developer requests project extension

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Harbor Walk developer want more time to make the project a reality at the Reservoir.

The multi-million dollar luxury hotel and waterside development is still in the planning stages.

Last June, Madison County developer John Burwell got an extension from the Shoreline Development Board and Environmental Quality Committee of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

Citing a tough economic climate, Monday he returned to the committee asking for another extension.

He said he is more committed than ever to the project and wants to dispel rumors that he doesn't have money.

"I have a 53 year lease left on the harbor. It's not going anywhere. Nobody's going to take it away from me," said Burwell.

The businessman told the board that he spent $3 million dollars alone on the design for the marina, luxury hotel, condos, shopping and office space.

He reported that so far he has invested $25 million dollars into the project.

"If they want me to build a strip center out here, let's do it. You don't want that. I don't want that. The Reservoir doesn't want that. They want to see what I designed," added Burwell.

Officials said the developer is asking not to rent additional property and will have to pay a fee while also being charged for not constructing the hotel by a certain date.

"These are pretty tough economic times for anybody and I don't see any big projects running around the state, and I don't see a lot of financiers running around trying to hand out money for projects," said committee member Robert Webb.

The committee voted in favor of Burwell's request without any members voting in opposition.

"I don't have anyone else standing in the wings who has said John; if you'll let me rent that property I'll do it. Nobody else has come to me and proposed to rent the property, but Mr. Burwell is standing here ready to pay his rent," said Pearl River Valley Water Supply District General Manager John Sigman.

Shoreline committee officials said Burwell is current on all rental and penalty fees and has made a commitment to pay $647,000.00 in July.

The full committee will vote on Burwell's extension Thursday.

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