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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- 1925 Willaneel Drive

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A south Jackson resident is so frustrated with the condition of the vacant house next to his, he is now considering a move away from the Capital City. Anthony Herring says he reached out to three on your side in a last ditch effort to get something done about 1925 Willaneel Drive.

Believe it or not, behind all the brush is a house. Just ask Anthony Herring. He lives next door to it.

Herring said, "Rats and snakes. Look at the vines growing up on the house. Just a nuisance."

Herring said it's been that way for more than three years and he says he's beginning to think his complaints are falling on deaf ears.

Herring said he has gone through the proper channels contacting community improvement and attending precinct meetings. 

Asked what their response has been, Herring said, "We gonna get with it. We're gonna get to it, that's it. But yet, it remains overgrown. Exactly."

Herring has lived at 1915 Willaneel Drive for 15 years and he works two jobs to keep up his place.

Hinds county tax rolls show the owner of the property is Lashone Bradley, but it also shows the house was liquidated in a tax sale last year for failure to pay taxes.

Herring said he's now forced to make a decision, "Remodel my home or move somewhere's else to get away from situation like this in Jackson."

Asked if he would like to stay, Herring replied, "I would love to stay here. I would love to, but the situation going on now, I just wanna prepare myself to make the next step...just to move."

We did see a notice posted on the house advising that a hearing would be held May 12th to determine whether 1925 Willaneel Drive will be deemed a nuisance property.

I contacted City of Jackson public information officer, Quita Bride for an update on 1925 Willaneel Drive. In an email, she said the case will go before the administrative hearing officer on July 14th at 2:30pm. This will give the property owner an opportunity to plead his or her case. The hearing officer will make recommendations concerning the property, which are submitted to the Jackson city council including assessing the cost of cleaning and the imposition of penalties.

We'll keep you posted.

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