Commit to Be Fit - Phase One Final Weigh In - - Jackson, MS

Commit to Be Fit - Phase One Final Weigh In

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Commit to Be Fit challenge, for me, was a 12-week long weight loss program offered by Saint Dominic Hospital, but it doesn't stop there. In my final weigh in of phase one, I felt like there should be a drum roll, so I added one.

And the result: I had lost 30 pounds and 5 inches from my waist line. While I'm proud of that, my goal is forty pounds.

I felt like I had hit a wall, so I asked registered dietician, Laura Hartlein, why it seemed I couldn't get past the 30 pound mark?

Hartlein replied, "Well, you know, when you've done a diet for awhile, you can hit a weight loss plateau."

Hartlein will be guiding me through the ongoing part of the St. Dominic Healthy Weight Advantage program.

She said, "And then after you get those 10 pounds off, we'll transition you to the phase two, where you will incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet and then we will talk about strategies with incorporating the lean meats and the whole grains and we'll replace those with the meal replacements and encourage physical activity and teach you how to keep the weight off."

That, perhaps, is the biggest challenge of any weight loss plan. So, what is the key to keeping it off?

"Well, the big key is portion control, and we know in America, you know, our portions are out of whack. We have portion distortion and so we'll teach you the correct portions," said Hartlein.

She also says she will provide strategies on everything from what to order at restaurants to boosting my metabolism and increasing the intensity of my physical activity.

Mount Center Missionary Baptist, one of the churches that took the Commit to Be Fit challenge, is having a walk and health fair this Saturday beginning at 7am. The location is 468 Robinson Springs Road in Madison, Mississippi. 

We invite you to join the team and I want to hear about your fitness progress. Just contact me on Facebook or Twitter or email me at


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