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Information on tick paralysis in cats and dogs

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Another case of animal neglect. A tiny terrier was abandoned in sweltering heat Tuesday, left to die in a cardboard box at a Jackson car wash. The puppy couldn't move, even bark. The diagnosis was shocking.

You may remember Francis, CARA's miracle dog. Francis was tossed in the trash, left to die in subfreezing temperatures last winter. This is Francis today happy, healthy and adopted. This puppy was off the radar screen, until someone discovered his lifeless body Tuesday in a cardboard box. According to CARA's shelter director, Janet Madden, "This little boy was left out in the parking lot, in the full sun and he couldn't move."

Then a shocking discovery. He had some type of poison or 7 dust on his body. Ticks were in his ears and on his frail body. "We think it was a misguided effort to kill the ticks."

CARA knew tick paralysis had set in, first in his back legs, then his front legs, then his respiratory track was shutting down from the toxicity. The tiny terrier mix was hours from death. Time was of the essence. 

"The good thing about tick paralysis, once you remove the ticks, the animal starts recuperating, in a matter of hours to a day usually they are back on their feet." Diagnosis is based on the presence of ticks and the sudden appearance of the paralysis. Experts say timely removal of any ticks brings about a rapid recovery.

Two other dogs at CARA suffered the same plight this week. Many folks have never seen a case of this shocking disease. Pet owners are encouraged to check their dogs and cats daily. 

Madden suggests, "It's a good thing to check for ticks, rub your hands over them every time they come in because ticks are really bad maybe because it's been so dry."

One day after the beautiful puppy is discovered , the ticks are gone and Radar as he is fondly called is in full recovery mode. 

Most cases of tick paralysis can be prevented through the regular use of effective tick control products. 

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