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Neighbors don't know where to turn about eyesore

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HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some who live on MacLean Road say 16 vehicles in their neighbor's yard, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and vans, is a bit excessive.

They don't know if the person who lives at the house owns or rents the property, and we couldn't find it on land rolls. But they want it cleaned up.

"We try to keep everything clean, healthy so the children can run and play," says Abdusshaheed Abdullah.

"Please show us some respect, get this mess cleaned up. They wouldn't want it in their neighborhood," says Abdullah's wife, Takeeder.

It's not just the vehicles. Neighbors also say sewage drains from the house's septic system because it's not maintained properly.

There's also piles of debris toward the back of the one-acre lot. Neighbors say the man who lives at the house allows others to drive back there and dump trash, including wooden stumps and pine straw. Neighbors are worried it will catch fire in the dry weather, and they don't even know where the nearest fire hydrant is.

"When it catches on fire, that's it. We're gonna lose everything," says Nikki Sanders. "We pay taxes. It's our property. They're allowing people to take over, live any kind of way. It's not right so who do we talk to?"

That's the question because they're not sure if they're in the county or the city.

"We vote for city council, we vote for mayor," Sanders says.

"But the city told me yesterday this is not their jurisdiction," Takeeder Abdullah says.

Hinds County Board of Supervisors President George Smith says MacLean Road is in the county. He says there are no specific ordinances addressing junk cars in yards, but any complaints will be investigated by the permit and zoning division. The number to call is 601-355-5424. 

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