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Boil water alert for Kearney Park residents

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

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(WLBT) MADISON COUNTY, MS- While the community of Kearney Park struggled with an old well, the Salvation Army brought in drinking water for residents Thursday.

"We delivered 4,000 gallon jugs and we also have 32,000 bottles of water delivered to try to help the people who are hurting right now," said Captain Ken Chapman with the Salvation Army Metro Jackson.

Tuesday night a fuse blew out in the West Madison Utility District well, according to Board Commissioner Nathaniel Johnson.

The well dates back to the 1940s.  By 4:00 p.m. Wednesday the well was working again.  About 150 residences and businesses affected need to boil water.

"Our contractor will be contracting the health department, but from there they will let us how when they can go back to drinking it," said Johnson.

This community is familiar with water issues.  In September 2010 some West Madison Utility District customers went nearly two weeks without water when an old well collapsed.  Johnson said through a series of grants and loans a new well is set to be built.

"Today, tomorrow or Friday, as soon as we got the land finalized, we will be putting a new well into the ground.  We won't have this problem no more because we're going to make sure it is set up with generators and everything else," said Johnson.

With the arrival of a new well Johnson hopes it will draw more families to Kearney Park. "Hopefully we can get people out here to live and say we got good water," said Johnson.

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