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3 On Your Side: Complaint about Barnett Reservoir spraying

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Three On Your Side received a complaint about the spraying operation at the Barnett Reservoir, aimed at killing water Hyacinth and other nuisance vegetation.

A Brandon fisherman says it's killing fish and Lilly pads, but that's not the case according to Reservoir officials. Spraying has been necessary for years on the big 33,000 acre lake to keep it from being taken over by vegetation.

These are areas of Pelahatchie Bay that have been sprayed. Without the spraying this area would be taken over. All over the south airboats like this one in at Reed Bingham State Park in Georgia, courtesy our affiliate WALB, in Albany, Georgia control the nuisance vegetation.

John Hutzel a Brandon fisherman called us to say he had taken cell phone video of Lilly pads being sprayed in Pelahatchie Bay and he is convinced it is killing the fish.

Reservoir officials checked Pelahatchie Bay Friday and did not find any dead fish.

Reservoir Chief Engineer Greg Burgess says the chemicals being used will not kill fish.

The reservoir intends to continue spraying to control the nuisance weeds.


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