Auto vandalized at City of Jackson's impound lot - - Jackson, MS

Auto vandalized at City of Jackson's impound lot

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A young Pearl woman contacted 3 On Your Side.

The 20 year old claims her car was broken into.

Not on a local street, but at the City of Jackson's impound lot operated by the Jackson Police Department.

Now Whitney Johnson wants to know who's responsible for the damage.

It all started when Whitney parked her car in the wrong spot at a club Saturday night.

WLBT is told people park illegally all along this section of Gallatin Street despite security guards and signs everywhere.

The silver Nissan was hauled off right in front of her eyes.

"Was the window broken out then?"

"No, it wasn't nothing wrong with it when it got towed," Johnson said.

Then it turns up at the Jackson impound lot.

When she picked up the car Tuesday, she found a rear window was smashed out.

"They got my purse and took everything out of my purse in the backseat and the stuff that was in the trunk was on the ground," Johnson said. "And I had to pick it up and my fuse box was laying wide open. Your fuse box? Yes, I couldn't crank my car when I got it."

The towing paperwork only noted damage to the front seat nothing else when the Nissan was hauled off.

"You have a report. Did they say there was any damage when the car was pulled in?"

"No. Only thing, they said it had tears in the front seat and the tears in the front seat where there when you bought the car. Yes."

If this did happen on JPD's impound lot, who is responsible? 

Johnson reported the incident at the office but was told she would have to file a report.

"I'm upset because I don't know who's going to pay for my window," Johnson said.

"You don't have the money?"

"No, and I think it happened on their property they should be responsible," Johnson said.

For now, Whitney Johnson is out of $75 to get the car out of hock and a repair bill for the shattered glass.

Jackson Police said Johnson can file a claim form with risk management.

An investigator will be assigned to her case to determine if the city is liable for the damages.

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