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Illegal campaign signs

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HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is warning political candidates to properly post their campaign signs. MDOT warned that all campaign signs placed on a state highway right of way will be removed. Apparently, that word has circulated around the Jackson Metro Area, and campaign workers are obeying the law.

Upon checking signs strewn along Highway 18 in Hinds County, WLBT learned the road has been given back to the local government, and the road is not covered by the law.

According to a spot check WLBT did in Hinds, Rankin and Madison Counties, campaign workers have gotten the word not to put the signs on state right of way.

Donald Wash, a maintenance supervisor with the Department of Transportation in Clinton, told us what that means:

"Any advertisement on state highway right of way is illegal. We should have right of way markers that determine where our right of way is alongside the road. You can go by the power lines, or you can go by the tree line."

Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall, who is running for re-election, says he has told workers to pick up his signs if they are in violation areas.

"I tell them: Don't put them on highway right of way," said Hall. "But, invariably, somebody in their eagerness will see a pretty good spot and they think it's not on the right of way. I have told them when they are cleaning, if you find one of my signs that is illegally placed, I expect you to get it just like you do the rest of them."

The signs will be kept at Maintenance Area Headquarters before disposal. There will be no penalty for violators.

By Rachel Beech

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