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Bundle Bungle: AT&T Uverse issues

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Bundling 78 year old Annette Durant's television, Internet and phone services through AT&T Uverse should have been a smooth process, but somehow wires were crossed.  The first problem Durant experienced was the installation inside her south-west Jackson home.  Exposed wires crossed her walls and bedroom floor.

"I do not need wires that I might trip over, no," said Durant who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.

A supervisor came out the next day and fixed it, but there were more surprises.

"I think it was my daughter in California who called and said, "Mother, I can't get you on your home phone number," said Durant.

Her phone number, the one she had for more than five decades, was gone.  She had specifically told an AT&T representative to keep it the same.

"I don't want it changed.  My doctors have this number and my friends and my elderly kin," said Durant.

Durant started making calls to the company's customer service number, once a day for the last two weeks.   She's kept a record of who she has talked to and how long.

"I've talked with someone everyday for at least two to three hours," said Durant. "You know they are really nice to me, but nothing gets done."

WLBT contacted AT&T and received this statement from AT&T Public Relations Manager of Gulf States Sue Sperry,  "We were very distressed to hear about this customer's issues.  We take these matters very seriously, and already have visited with the customer to get all of her issues resolved.  We thank WLBT for bringing this issue to our attention."

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