The HEAT Makes a Serious Comeback!!! - - Jackson, MS

The HEAT Makes a Serious Comeback!!!

A return of the muggy conditions will be the main thrust of the forecast for this morning. By mid morning we'll have plenty of sunshine that will push the temps quickly to the 90s. An outside chance of isolated t-storms may actually produce a rather strong, but brief, thunderstorm. This is most likely in the eastern portions of the state.

A change is expected over the weekend, one you may not like. The temps will rise to the upper 90s and the humidity will rise as well. Highs will climb to the upper 90s as early as Saturday, go even higher Sunday and by Monday reach close to 100 for the afternoon high.

This means we'll have heat index numbers in the triple digits starting this weekend and sticking around for at least 5 consecutive days. Official heat advisories may be in our future for next week.

Starting today, be sure to drink plenty of water and begin planning your outside schedule away from the heat of the day as much as possible. And remember, the elderly and child are more vulnerable to succumb to the extreme heat.


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