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I-55 road complaints, future construction

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A heavily traveled section of I-55 is causing headaches for motorists, and is now getting some attention after calls the 3 On Your Side, and MDOT.

Motorcycle safety instructor Kim Catchings has been warning inexperienced riders about the rough road conditions on I-55 south of Jackson. The road surface has seen it's better days, scattered with dips and lumps.

Catchings says, "It's an extremely bumpy ride then there's lines grooved into the road. If a motorcycle rides on it they could potentially fall or loose control of the bike."

Motorcyclist have no choice but to try and dodge the bad spots, but in a vehicle you hit every one.

Kim Catchings said she had not luck contacting MDOT to see if the road problems were on their radar, but we did.

Mississippi Department of Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall says the original concrete joints have expanded, causing asphalt on top to wear off and separate in places, all problems they plan to fix immediately.

Halls says, "Were gonna come in there in fact we started to do it this week, but the rain caught us. Next week it will take a week or two for us to do it then we want to get it good and smooth, but we will be in there milling that over the next week or two and we will fix the problem."

Hall says the construction could cause some lane closures, and promises they will only be temporary and won't aggravate drivers, or riders any more than they've already been. 

Next spring, MDOT will begin work on a brand new interstate, in that area, which will add a lane on each side. That will run from I-20, down to Terry.

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