Visits a Red Cross Fixed Site Distribution Station - - Jackson, MS

Visits a Red Cross Fixed Site Distribution Station

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WARREN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Walt: With that, a cheerful Red Cross volunteer presents another flood victim more of the supplies they will need to keep themselves clean and to clean up the muck that coats where they once lived. And this is just one of the buckets and coolers and boxes of supplies handed out free at this Red Cross distribution site.

Walt: It is with the efficiency of a NASCAR pit crew that these volunteers dispense the items at their posts and move the recipient on down the line. Mops and brooms and disinfectant and rakes and shovels and a case of bottled water and a fan. The Red Cross is still here long after the disaster has ceased to be top story. The flood will be in the news just a short while, really. Then something else will take its place. But to the people affected by this, this will be their Top Story for the rest of their lives, affecting them from now on. The amount of time the Red Cross stays varies. But even when they leave, the Red Cross passes the people they have helped along to other organizations. Carlos Garcia-Velez is one of the volunteers in Mississippi helping out. He has been volunteering with the Red Cross since Hurricane Andrew.

Carlos Garcia-Velez: Other volunteer organizations partners come in and assist in the recovery process, in the long-term recovery process. And we partner with those individuals and those organizations so we can transfer or connect with them.

Walt: All of these supplies that these flood victims are being given free today would have cost hundreds of dollars if they had to have been bought at a store. And can the people who are getting them not have afforded them? Well. Probably many of them could have. Just like YOU or I could have. But our homes didn't just have several feet of water in them. And we aren't dealing with the expense of living away from home for weeks or months while spending MORE money trying to get our places livable again. So isn't it nice the Red Cross is there to help. And since we are the Red Cross with our donations, isn't it nice WE could be here to help our neighbors in a very appreciated way?

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