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"The youngest loser" kick-off

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Dozens of Mississippi children are participating in a summer challenge that they hope will pave the way to healthier lifestyles. The participants of this challenge have a big role model to look up too.

Patrick House, the winner of season ten's "Biggest Loser" spent his morning meeting fans and signing autographs. Just about everyone House spoke to share these similarities...they're children and they want to get healthy and loose weight.

Sixth grader Mary Russell says, "My goal is to loose about fifty pounds and just stay more active and be healthy."

"When you grow up and get older it's kinda hard to do it then so might as well do it now," says participant Cathy Burse.

These children are participating in the kick-off of a twelve week summer program called "The Youngest Loser." One goal of the program is teaching these youngsters how important it is to keep active. With role models like Patrick House on their side, the children are encouraged to endure the challenge.

Russell says, "it means a lot because I know like with people helping me I can loose weight if I wasn't doing this I probably couldn't push and loose weight."

In addition to learning about how to complete simple and effective exercises, the kids are also learning how to eat healthy foods. They played a game where they had to run to the other side of a park, pick up an item that represents a food and put it onto a plate so that they have a full and balanced meal.

"It's important to get the right serving amount and not to over eat," says fifth grader Kaylynn Steen.

Organizers for "The Youngest Loser," hoped to have at least twenty children in the program, but forty children are signed up.

Patrick House says, "childhood obesity is such a major problem right now, not only in Mississippi but all across the country and for these kids this program could be lifesaving."

Organizer's of "The Youngest Loser" say they need some additional sponsors to help purchase equipment like pedometers for the children.

For more information on how you can help out, contact the "Beyond Therapy Pediatric Group," at 601-853-9747.

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