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Madison residents still waiting for road work

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Residents who live off Robinson Springs Extension and Springs Road say they're still waiting for county officials to complete a paving project there.

Last year, Springs Road was turned from a paved road to a gravel road, with the promises of one day becoming a paved drive, according to residents.

Resident Jimmy Shoemaker says, "They came in tore it up and left, that's about it."  Shoemaker owns a ranch on the road, and has to drag trailers through bumpy craters to get home.

Residents also say Robinson Springs Extension was to get a new surface, but both are still in the same shape they were a year ago.

Those who live in the area say it's a rough ride home, with potholes, and cracks that rock vehicles from side to side.

"I've tried everything, I've called, I've got his number on my speed dial, I call him all the time but it doesn't work, nothing works," says Shoemaker.

WLBT contacted road manager Lawrence Morris who said Springs Road is to get an upgrade with a tar, rock, tar overlay treatment, to improve driving conditions.  Morris said it would happen this summer last year, but it's yet to happen.  He didn't want to give a completion date now.

As for Robinson Springs Extension, Morris say they never planned on repaving that stretch.  He said repairs would be made to that road as they are needed.

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