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Unsightly Jackson yard angers neighbors

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A north Jackson family is fed up with their neighbor's yard.

They describe said its unsightly and overgrown conditions are creating a health hazard around their home.

Donna Gueniot Smith and her husband Chuck are tired of seeing the trash and piles of wood in their neighbor's front yard on Canton Park Drive.

The Smiths said snakes, rodents and mosquitoes have been problems since moving in last May.

"We've asked them to clean it up numerous occasions," Donna Smith said. "They haven't done so. We've called the city. We've called code enforcement. We've called the health department."

According to the Smiths, they built a wall around their back yard deck and pool to block the view of their neighbor's property and decaying fence.

"The whole back yard is just a breeding ground for you know snakes, rat, roaches," Chuck Smith said. "We've had a raccoon getting in our garbage back here. He's probably living back there because it's so many places for him to hide."

The couple said the city tagged several vehicles months ago that are now in the back yard overgrown by brush.

There are tires, old machinery and other discarded materials.

"There have been problems in the past, but my dad has been working hard," said Kristen Shultz, who lives at the house in question. "He actually took off all weekend to move and clean up."

The property is owned by Tevis and Cindy Shultz.

Their daughter, 19 year old Kristen Shultz, is upset about the Smiths' complaints.

"I think it's kind of wrong and spitefully deceitful how our neighbors are going behind our back and calling the news station when they haven't even had a moment to just speak with my parents and see if they've needed help," Kristen Shultz said. "I think that it's very wrong that they're doing this. My dad works constantly trying to put food on the table, trying to make ends meet."

The Smith's fear that the piles of wood and tree limbs will remain beside the curb because they weren't picked up by garbage crews Monday morning.

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