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Miss Mississippi - The Pressure of Performing

Any performer will tell you, you are judged by every song, every dance step, every word you speak.

That can mean lots of pressure.

For the Miss Mississippi contestants how they perform makes a statement with the judges, which will make all the difference Saturday night when the Top 10 contestants out of 45 will be announced.

All eyes are on these young women.

Some have competed for the last 5 years hoping to become the next Miss Mississippi.

Katherine Barkett, Miss University will sing Wednesday night.

"Well I just keep coming back and actually this is my final year because I'll age out this year, but you just can't keep me away from coming to Miss Mississippi I love it," Barkett said. "It has allowed me to set so many goals for myself, especially during my college years and it has allowed me to achieve most of those goals."

Also in the first group to compete in talent, Miss Central Mississippi, Shelby Corn, who will dance, Miss Madison, Erin Keller who will sing, Miss Mississippi State who made the Top 10 last year, Jessica Terrill who will play piano, and last year's first alternate, Jill Duckworth who will also sing.

"I will be performing, "Love Is Where You Find It", it is an operatic style song and I'm really excited about and I have a beautiful red dress that I can't wait to show off," Duckworth said.

"Actually I play the piano and I will be playing, "It Is Well With My Soul", and I'm really excited about it, it is a very special piece to me because it was my grandmother's favorite hymn," Terrill said.

While a great performance is important during preliminary competition, it is not a guarantee of making the Top 10 Saturday night.

What the contestants hope for is to make an impression with the judges, to prove that she will be the best representative for Mississippi at the Miss America Pageant.

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