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Vending and beverage trucks hire security

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WLBT News has learned Hinds County authorities are investigating a rash of broad daylight burglaries and armed robberies of vending trucks in Jackson. So many that some vendors have hired armed security guards.

The driver of a Coke beverage truck was the latest victim. It happened in broad daylight. Hit by burglaries during a stop at a convenience store at the busy intersection of Old Canton and Lakeland Drive Tuesday afternoon. Sources tell us Coke trucks have been targeted 5 times.

The crime spree involves at least 8 attacks on Brown vending trucks. Now, Brown vending is taking extraordinary measures to protect its drivers and customers. Security precautions are in place. Wednesday morning a vending machine employee was accompanied into WLBT with an armed security guard in tow.

Private security sources tell us, a dangerous pattern is unfolding. Business owners are working hand in hand with the Hinds County Sheriff's department. So far no suspects.

Lawmen are appealing to the public for help in stopping this crime spree.

A Crimestoppers reward is available to anyone who can help put the fugitives behind bars. Call 601-355-8477 or 355-TIPS.

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