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A Slap in the Face on America's Birthday?

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With our nation's birthday approaching this weekend, what better time to shine the light on that one symbol that unites us all.

Our flag.

So many local businesses take the time to display the Stars and Stripes not just to show their patriotism but because it's just the right thing to do, such as this car dealership on I-55 West Frontage Road just south of Briarwood.

Unfortunately, their neighbor next door doesn't seem to care a whit about the condition of their flag.

And what is really pathetic is that the American flag is on the company's logo!

Is this some kind of mixed signal or do they really just don't care?

Well, the flag police has tagged this motel and let us know that somebody needs to do something.

Hopefully the condition of their flag is no reflection on the condition of their motel.

Happy birthday America!

That's my Point of View.

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