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Road-rage encounter leaves teen injured

LINCOLN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a road rage incident that left sisters Tess, 19, and Elexus, 17, injured and shell-shocked.

The video, shot by Elexus from the back seat, depicts an enraged woman approaching Tess's driver's side door. Tess apologizes, but the woman continues to yell, then slams the driver's door on Tess. Elexus then exits the car, video still rolling.

Tess and Elexus took the woman, 44 year old Karen Smith, to Justice Court for assault on June 23. Tess did not want to be interviewed, but Elexus says Franklin County Prosecutor Lane Reed never made attempts to show the video in court.

"He never asked to see it, never spoke to us, except on the stand," Elexus says.

The girls' mother, Dana Brady, showed us pictures of the bloody nose and the marks they claim were left by Smith's punches. They say a gash visible on Elexus' forehead is from Smith's ring.

In the video, you can see a car door pushed on Tess. The family says she suffered a bump on the head.

Elexus uploaded the video to youtube for a short time after the incident, then took it off. Elexus says a few days later, a teacher approached her in school and suggested she show the video to a principal, because Karen Smith was working as a Lincoln County school bus driver at the time.

"This lady drove a school bus the next Monday after the Saturday it happened," Brady says. "After they seen the video, they say she couldn't drive anymore until this was resolved."

The family says Smith was told in court all she needed to do was exhibit good behavior for 90 days.

Arguments were made in court about who said what to whom, and who approached whom during the incident. Questions that could have been answered, Brady says, if the video had been played in court. "That's what I'd like to do, appeal this, because no one looked at the video," Brady says.

Karen Smith tells us that Tess perjured herself in court. Smith says her actions during the altercation on Highway 84 were justified, and she says she has made the decision to no longer drive a school bus.

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