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Miss. classrooms have new educational standards

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Classrooms are set to become the stage across Mississippi for a performance of improved education.

"The standards are more rigorous," said Mississippi Department of Education Curriculum and Instruction Director Trecina Green.

Standards for K through 12 students are being revised and implemented this fall, beginning with the state's smallest learners. Kindergarten, first and second grades will now have more of a focus on problem solving and critical thinking rather than just knowing the facts.

Green says the new standards are a way to get Mississippi school kids more competitive and not just on the national level.

"Not just competing with students from other states but also globally because these standards are internationally benchmarked," said Green.

Mississippi joins a number of states in adopting the new standards laid out by Common Core. The standards are a way for the department of education to prepare students for new testing standards which will roll out in 2014. Green says about half of Mississippi kids who go to college have to take remedial courses when they get there which is why an earlier educational foundation is key.

"Where students normally may have to multiply or divide in our state by the end of grade four, the common core requires that by the end of grade three. So, much more rigorous. Our kids will have to get that foundation much sooner, " said Green.

Once the new standards are operating in the lower grades, eventually all grades will begin to see the revisions with the largest responsibility falling on the teachers.

"Instruction will look very different. Teachers will have to plan intentionally. They will have to create environments that help students to learn deeper," said Green.

For information on the standards and the Department of Education visit the following sites.





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